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Safety Management Council

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April 12, 2019-Safety Awards Banquet (View Winners)
June 1, 2019-Truck Driving Championships (View Results)


The Safety Management Council (SMC) was created for the promotion of professionalism and safety in the trucking industry. The Council sponsors numerous awards and recognition programs, safety education courses and hosts monthly meetings designed to provide professional networking and disbursement of safety information. The SMC also sponsors several outreach events and activities such as the annual Awards Banquet and the Colorado Truck Driving Championships. In addition, the SMC also assists with the development of public policy that pertains to truck safety.

The Safety Management Council is made up of more than 300 member companies who believe safety is of prime importance to their companies. Safety directors, driver managers, owners, and dispatchers meet with law enforcement and regulatory partners to keep up to date on the latest regulations, news and best practices.

The Safety Management Council meets on the first Thursday of the month.

2019-20 Safety Management Council Officers


Tommy Carrazco, Tri-State Generation & Transmission Assoc.

1st Vice Chairman:

Ryan Byers, Front Range Compliance

2nd Vice Chairman:

Vanessa Wilcoxon, RMT Trucking

Secretary / Treasurer:

Steve Monson, KCG Drug Alcohol Solutions

Staff Liaison:

Patti Gillette, Vice President

CVSA Representative:

Mike Padilla, Western Distributing Transportation Co.

ATA Representative:

Jon Petersen, Rush Truck Centers