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May 2019

Getting Injured Employees Back to Work Faster

Pinnacol’s Return to Work team can help you get injured employees back on the job sooner and
keep claim costs down … and the services are free of charge! At no cost, Pinnacol’s Return to
Work team can help your organization in several ways…

April 2019

Designating Provider Clinics for Your Employees

If one of your employees is injured on the job, who will they see for care? Has your organization designated several medical clinics that can treat your workers? If you haven’t, Pinnacol has assigned providers to serve your company so you are in compliance with state law.

March 2019

Cultivating Safety Leadership at Your Organization

Leadership may seem like an intangible quality — something we cannot define but know when we see it. However, safety leadership can be defined, learned and acted upon.

February 2019

Worker Fatigue — Causes and Controls

You didn’t sleep well last night. As you drive in to work, you realize you forgot to return the coffee creamer to the fridge … and you left your cell phone on the counter. Not the end of the world — but fatigue-related mistakes at work can have catastrophic consequences.

January 2019

OSHA’s Proposed Rulemaking, Recordkeeping Checklist

To meet OSHA’s requirements, many employers with more than 10 employees must keep a record of serious work-related injuries and illnesses. For this reason, we’re updating you on a recent final rule by OSHA and providing a handy, brief checklist to guide your organization’s injury and illness recordkeeping.


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