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Certify Non-preventable Crashes

JUST is a parallel CSA scoring system by Vigillo, creators of the industry’s leading CSA Scorecard platform, that eliminates the flaws of CSA and provides a true picture of the compliance, safety and accountability of our country’s motor carriers.

In addition to fixing the flaws associated with state differences in enforcement, safety event groups, and un(der) inspected carriers, JUST offers an independent review service to certify non-preventable crashes. Via a network of current and former law enforcement officials with crash investigative experience, JUST allows motor carriers to certify non-preventable crashes to obtain credible documentation, driver certificates, and an updated JUST Crash Score.

CMCA members are eligible to receive a 10% discount on all crash reviews submitted through the designated CMCA/Vigillo web-page. Click here for information and to get started on submitting crashes for review.

Regulatory Forms & Books

CMCA members receive a 50% discount on all forms and books purchased from our forms room at CMCA.  On special items or orders through CMCA, members will receive a discount depended on CMCA discount from JJ Keller.


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