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A Message from FMCSA on Driver Medical Exams

FMCSA Message

Attention Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Drivers and Carriers:

Did you know an important law affecting you goes into effect May 21, 2014?


To keep America’s interstate CMV drivers healthy and our roads safer, all interstate CMV drivers will soon be required to have their medical examinations performed by a Certified Medical Examiner listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

DriversIf you’re an interstate CMV driver, you already need a valid medical certificate signed by a medical examiner. The only change is that after May 21, 2014, you’ll need to go to a certified medical examiner for your medical certificate. If you’ve already had an exam and have a current certificate that certificate will be valid until its regular expiration date.

You can find certified medical examiners in your area—or anywhere in the country—easily by following

Please spread the word and encourage your fellow CMV drivers to find a Certified Medical Examiner by May 21st. They can find more information in the Fact Sheet for Drivers or by going to the National Registry Web site, so pass it along!

Thank you for keeping America moving and for your commitment to safer roadways.


"Think and Drive" Day at Colorado Academy Showcases Truck Safety

Thanks to Angie Lindeen, America’s Road Team (Bryan Wold & Brooks Washburn) and Offen Petroleum (Bruce Sherer) for representing CMCA and the trucking industry at the Colorado Academy's "Think and Drive Day".

Group meets truckThis event was a driving safety awareness program for the kids at the Colorado Academy school. The yellow truck was

demonstrating the blind spots around the truck, Offen was demonstrating the stopping distance for a truck, the red truck had a driving simulator, and the Lakewood police were check it outdemonstrating drunk driving. The kids got to climb up into the driver's seat in the yellow and Offen trucks. Angie helped explain facts about trucking, such as how much weight they're pulling. They had a lot of questions about CMCA's role in trucking, which helped change their perception about truck drivers in general. The kids summed up their experience in one word  - "WOW"!

Also, thanks to Terry at Polar for donating a “purge” for the tank truck, to allow it to be safely parked at the academy.


Highway Funding Solutions Being Debated

Highway ConstructionThe Highway Trust Fund is expected to run out of money by September, 2014.  Several financing ideas are being floated, but the current "do nothing" Congress means that real solutions may be hard to come by.

President Obama has suggested a one-time infusion into the fund. The administration's plan calls for $302 billion over four years as part of the highway program reauthorization.  About half of that would come from corporation tax reform.  Another big chunk of that ($63 billion) would come from eliminating loop holes in the trust fund.

Failing to get new fundings means that the Federal Highway Administration would be forced to cut back on the flow of Federal funds to States for highway construction and maintenance.  That could begin as early as this coming summer.   Mike Hancokc, president of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), says that if that happens, States may have to suspend their highway project plans.

While Congress might argue for comprehensive reform of the tax code, most parties such as American Trucking Assocations, argue that  the quickest and surest way to resolve the problem is to raise the federal fuel tax.

However, most players agree that in the current Congress, that is not going to happen.  Senator Barbara boxer, D-CA, speaking at the AASHTO meeting, said their was not enough support to make a fuel tax increase happen.  She said Obama's approach is viable because it does not require reforming the entire tax system.

The next Highway Bill is currently being written and will likely be in debate by spring or summer.   Details courtesy

Allied Conference Announces 3rd. Annual Sporting Clay Shoot

Sporting ClayOn May 9th. the CMCA 3rd. Annual Sporting Clay Shoot will be held at Kiowa Creek in Bennett, Colorado.  The event, sponsored by the Allied Conference, offers breakfast, a morning of competitive shooting and lunch for a registration fee of $100 or $350 for a squad fo four shooters.

Registration is now open and the signup deadline is May 1.  Return the registration form to CMCA. The Allied Conference is also looking for sponsors for this event.  Details are on the registration form.  Contact Tracy at 303 433-3375 if you have questions. 


Top Tech Competition Set for April 26

The Maintenance Council of the Colorado Motor Carriers Association has announced the 2nd TopTech CompetitionAnnual Colorado TopTech Skills Competition.  The skills competition is designed to test the skills of our local technicians in multiple categories having to do with heavy duty vehicle maintenance.

Set for April 26, 2014 at the Licoln College of Technology, Denver Campus, the competition will include both  a written test and several "hands-on" work stations with problems.  Registration begins on February 1 and early registration deadline is February 28.

The overall winner will have the opportunity to represent Colorado at the 2014 National SuperTech Competiton in Orlando, Florida during the week of September 21, 2014.  CMCA will help support the technician and their guest at the national competition as funds permit.

Attached is the registration packet.  For additional information on the Colorado TopTech Skills Competition, contact Tracy at 303 433-3375 ext 103 or email


Training Opportunities

Training BannerCMCA Offers a rich variety of training opportunities for both members and non-members.  The modern CMCA training center in Denver is the location of most seminars.  As demand warrants, CMCA also conducts seminars at other locations around the state.  Take a look at this year's seminars on the training page.

2014 CMCA Convention

2014 Convention

Long one of the favorite hotels in Colorado, the Broadmoor will once again be home for a convention of the Colorado Motor Carriers Association.  This will be the 75th. anniversary meeting of the association so expect great things next fall.

The 2014 annual meeting will be held November 6-8, 2014 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.

For UPS, Emissions Control Drives Innovation

UPS logoUnited Parcel Service has managed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2.1 percent in 2012 (compared to 2011) despite increased parcel deliveries.

While ground and air fuel savings were part of it, as was investment in alternative-fuel vehicles, one of the carrier's biggest gains came from retooling routes using the latest routing software.

in 2012, UPS shaved 12.1 million miles from ground deliveries using software and better dispatch.

By 2017, UPS plans to greatly expand use of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. According to the company, these next generation vehicles logged 295 million miles by the close of 2012.  By 2017 UPS plans to log over 800-million miles with these vehicles.


National Benefits Co

I-70 Mountain Corridor "Best Practices" Available

Long a leader in improving transportation in the I-70 Mountain Corridor through Colorado, CMCA has created a comprehensive "Best Practices" document to assist motor carriers in navigating this stretch of mountain highway.

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April 15 - Hotsheet Online

This week's Hotsheet has been posted.  It provides weekly news and is emailed to CMCA members a few days before posting on the website.

Chains Required


Colorado requires ALL trucks to carry chains on the I-70 corridor between Morrison and Dotsero from September 1st. to May 31st.

Penalties for non-compliance are high.  Get your Chains NOW.


West Slope Training Courses

West slopeThis year CMCA is offering a number of training sessions in Grand Junctions to satisfy the need of carriers located on Colorado's Western Slope. 

All classes are being conducted at Wagner Equipment,
2322 I-70 Frontage Road
Grand Junction, CO
(use West Parking Lot)

DOT Compliance
April 23, 2014 - 8:00 am

DOT Audit Survival
April 24, 2014 - 8 am

Pre & Post Trip Vehicle Inspections
April 24, 2014 - 12:30 pm

Some of these sessions may be cancelled if enrollment is inadequate.  It's time to sign up.  Please fax applications to 303 477-6977


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